Chess++ (chesspp and cheppd)

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A development snapshot can be obtained via svn checkout from
(see documentation and help sections for detailed information about how to compile the program(s).)

Chess++ documentation

You can either read our online documentation or download it as a pdf file for offline reading.

The documentation is still a work in progress thing. It is not complete, yet. But we hope it may still be helpful in assisting you answering the most common questions concerning Chess++.

Official rule sets

Rule setDescription
2d-schach The classic game of chess: black vs. white on a planar board consisting of 8x8 fields.

User created rule sets

Rule setDescription

Chess++ client themes

You can import and export themes using the import and export functions that you can find in the lower left corner of the settings dialog the dialog: 'Settings -> Properties'.

light  [318 KB] White and orange skin. Inspired by "Light" style on this website.
augenkrebs  [428 KB]  
nature  [486 KB] Varations of green and brown by hein
white  [342 KB]  
blue  [399 KB]  
ocean  [381 KB] hein's glorious ocean theme
classic  [352 KB]  
dark  [316 KB]  
yellow  [363 KB]  
pink  [394 KB]  
augenkrebs_revisited  [381 KB]  
quite dark  [316 KB]  
very dark  [328 KB] Dark theme, black orange and white. Inspired by "Very dark" style of this website.