4.1 Chess++ public server system: cheppdsync

Cheppdsync is a system that manages public servers. Every public server periodically sends it information to Cheppdsync to update its state. Every Chess++ client can then retrieve a list of public servers it can connect to. (The Cheppdsync files can be found in the cheppdsync directory of our svn tree.)

Cheppdsync is written in php and uses MySQL to store the public server data and also offers a web front-end to list public servers. (See http://chesspp.sourceforge.net/cheppdsync/ for example.)

Currently, we are running three Cheppdsync servers that Cheppd servers can (and, by default, do if you activate your server) send their information to. As well as Chesspp requests public server lists from those three servers, by default. See subsection 4.2.1 for a description how to set up your Cheppd to register at Cheppdsync servers.

Hendrik Hochstetter
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:03:11 +0200