5.1 Playing your first game

Before you can start a new game or join an existing one, you have to log in to a server. You can either look for running public servers or set up your own server (as described in chapter 4). Connections to both public and private servers can be established using the connection dialogue.

This dialogue has three tabs for connections to public servers, connections to private servers, and for settings.

Figure 5.2: Connection dialogue showing the list of running public servers you may log in to.
Image chesspp_connection_public

The tab to use to connect to a public server is shown in figure 5.2. If there are any public servers running, it will display them in the table in the centre (in the figure there is only the one server,, running.) You can select one of the public servers by clicking them in the list, they are displayed in. After you've chosen a server, you're supposed to enter your username and password. If you've never logged in to that certain server, yet, simply provide the username and password, you'd like to have. If username and password are valid and nobody else is already registered under that username, Cheppd will create that account for you and you'll be logged in.

If there are no public servers running, you may want to set up one as described in chapter 4

Figure 5.3: Connection dialogue showing the tab that allows you to log in to private servers.
Image chesspp_connection_private

and connect to that server using the dialogue for connecting to private servers as displayed in figure 5.3. Logging in works in the same manner as in the case of a public server, but you have to provide a server address which is localhost if you set up a server on your local machine.

5.1.1 Starting new games and joining existing ones

A game can be "entered" simply by double-clicking a game item in the game tree. (See section 5.3 for a description of the game tree, it's icons, and how to use it.) After entering, you can take a party by either selecting "Game" -> "Play white" (or "Game" -> "Play black") from the main menu or from the menu that pops up after a right button click on the game in the tree.

Figure 5.4: Dialogue to create a game on the server you are currently using.
Image chesspp_create_game

You can create new games using the dialogue of figure 5.4, if there is no game, you can join. Simply select the one of the server's rule sets, you want to use from the drop-down list and enter a name for the game. Descriptions of the standard rule sets are given in section 3.1. Click "Ok" to send a request to create the game to the server. Any errors will be displayed in the chat widget.

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