5.2 Of moving pieces - mouse navigation in Chess++

Most of Chess++ can be controlled using your mouse (not the chat, of course). Clicking a piece or square of the board will select it. If your selected square contains a piece, every possible target square for moving this piece to will be highlighted on the board (the colour can be configured). If you select one of your pieces and click a highlighted square (or a piece that is on one of them), your piece will be moved. (For convenience, your oppenent's possible target squares for a move will also be displayed if you select his pieces.)

Keep your left mouse button pressed and move your mouse inside the OpenGL widget to rotate the board. Scrolling your mouse wheel brings you closer to the board or takes you farther away from it. If you keep your right mouse button pressed while moving the mouse, the scene will be moved according to your mouse motion. Moving your mouse up and down while the middle button is pressed pulls the board planes (if your game uses a 3d rule set) apart or pushes them together. If you accidentally moved the scene out of view you can reset the view to its origin using the shortcut Ctrl+R. See table 5.1 for a list of shortcuts for frequent actions.

Hendrik Hochstetter
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:03:11 +0200