5.3 The tree widget

If you are logged in to a server, every game that is running will be displayed in the game tree (on the left of the main window in figure 5.1). The pattern of the knight (or king) that is used as an icon for every game and player in the tree tells you in which state the game is and if you may join the game. A knight that is parted into four areas, coloured black and white in an alternating pattern, tells you that nobody is playing, yet. If the knight is black, somebody has already joined the game, playing as black. If it is white, somebody is already playing as white. And if one half is black and the other white, both parties are taken. A king as icon, instead of a knight, tells you that the game is in a check state and a king that is rotated 90 degrees symbolises a finished game.

You can adjust the size of the icons. To do so right-click the heading of the tree and select the desired size from the submenu "Adjust icon size" from the popup menu that appears. Here you can also configure whether to hide or show the "State" and "Next" columns.

Hendrik Hochstetter
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:03:11 +0200