5.4 Chatting in Chess++: Chat and command prompt widget

The chat widget is not only capable of displaying (a subset of) HTML code and some built-in smileys (and of course icons of pieces), but also a command prompt to control parts of Chesspp. The screenshot for figure 5.1 has been created using this chat widget / command promt (in the lower).

Commands begin with a "/" and may have parameters that have to be supplied. Parameters are separated from the command by spaces. Type "/help" in the chat widget to get a list of all commands that are supported with a list of necessary parameters. The command "/help" with parameter "chat", so "/help chat", will display a list of all features of the chat, smileys and so on.

You can modify the appearance of (parts of) your text when chatting in many ways. Italic, bold and normal text may be displayed in every possible RGB-colour. To display a section of text in, e.g. italic, put the text in between [i] and [/i]. Colouring text works in exactly the same manner, but you have to give the colour you want the text to have. You can give the colour in either an HTML RGB code or use the predefined names for standard colours as defined in the SVG standard. (See the W3C SVG page for the list.) Colouring your text in red is then accomplished by surrounding it with [color=red] or [color=#ff0000] and [/color]. You can also give a standard colour to display your text in (which doesn't affect the colour seen by others). See section 5.6.3 for a description of the chat widget settings.

Hendrik Hochstetter
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