1. Introduction to Chess++

Chess++ is a modern platform independent implementation of the game of chess (which does not mean that you can only play the classic game of chess but also every kind of chess you can imagine in three dimensions with boards stacked on top of each other and so on...) and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
In chapter 3 we will discuss our standard rules of 3d chess and how you can write your own new rule sets.

Chess++ is built up of three main units: the game logic, server, and client. To play a game you always have to have a server running because it's the server who hosts all games and makes use of the game logic engine. We developed a system for public servers but you may also set up a private local one in your LAN at home.

The Chess++ server Cheppd (Chesspp daemon, abbreviated) hosts games and users. The first time you log in to a server an account with username and password you supplied will be created for you (given the username is still available and valid).
See chapter 4 for a thorough look at the server.

Chessp, our Chess++ client, is a highly customisable piece of software that displays chess in 3d. You can use your own chess pieces if you provide them in one of the supported formats.
The client will be discussed in detail in chapter 5.

Server and client both use Trolltech's Qt library. The client also makes use of OpenGL for game display.

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