2.3 How to compile Chess++ from SVN

The current development tree can be obtained via SVN. You first have to set up an SVN client (e.g. from http://subversion.tigris.org/) that allows you to access our SVN repository.

Our SVN repository is at svn://samtronic.ath.cx/chesspp.

The easiest way to build our software is to use the tools we provide for Windows and Linux (not tested with other OSes). Download our chessppcheckout (chessppcheckout.bat if you are using Windows) script from our etc directory to some temporary folder
(e.g. with svn checkout svn://samtronic.ath.cx/chesspp/etc/chessppcheckout.)
Chessppcheckout is a script intended to assist you in compiling Chess++. Then copy the script to the directory, you want to have Chess++ to be in, and simply run it and follow the instructions on screen.

Caveat: Don't use the script in the directory you checked it out to and don't use it from directory paths that contain spaces because it won't work then.

The script will then check out all source files needed to compile Chess++ on its own, configure everything, and compile it.

Hendrik Hochstetter
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:03:11 +0200