3.1 Standard rule sets

The standard rule sets are 2d_schach, 3d_würfel_schach, and 3d_pyramidal_schach, where schach is the German word for chess and würfel means cube. 2d_schach is the usual game of chess and 3d_pyramidal_schach is what one could call real Chess++. 3d_würfel_schach actually is more of an example of a rule set then indended to be used as a rule for playing, but it may serve well as a starting point for writing your own rule sets.

3.1.1 3D pyramid chess

In 3D pyramid chess the board consists of 7 planes stacked on top of each other. The plane in the middle is essentially a standard 2D chess board that contains 8 times 8 squares, 16 black, and 16 white pieces, just as in usual chess.

The planes above and below this central board are smaller and do not contain any pieces in the start position. The sizes of the planes from centre to top or bottom are 8 times 8, 6 times 6, 4 times 4, and 2 times 2, in either direction. Hence the 3D pyramid chess board looks like 2 pyramids with their surface areas glued together.

Pieces can be moved just as in usual 2D chess with additional moves for the new directions up and down, analogously.

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