4. The Chess++ server: cheppd

The Chess++ server - Cheppd - is responsible for managing user accounts and games. It also allows users to chat with each other. (See section 5.4 for a description of how chatting works in Chesspp.) Servers can either be public or private.

For managing public servers, we implemented a system called Cheppdsync that servers can send their address, name, a unique server id, and some additional information to, periodically. How Cheppdsync works will be discussed in detail in section 4.1.

A private server is essentially the same thing as a public server, except for being configured not to send information to Cheppdsync servers. See section 4.2 for how to configure Cheppd.

Hendrik Hochstetter
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:03:11 +0200