Q: Where can I get a Chess++ user account?
A: Your first login to the server will automatically create your account.

Q: When I enter a game I see the board but there are no pieces. What's wrong?
A: Check the path to your piece files is set up correctly. You can adjust it using the properties dialog of chesspp.
Make sure that you have installed a set of pieces on your system. The default set of pieces is included in every gui and sources tar ball, the self exctracting archives for linux and the msi installers for windows.

Q: I played around with my colour settings and now everything is black. How do I get the default colours back?
A: Windows: Colour settings are saved in the Windows registry in the branch "H.A.H.M. Software Group". Just remove the settings from the registry and it should work fine, again.
Linux: Under GNU/Linux settings are usually being saved in the .config directory of your home directory. If you delete the file "H.A.H.M. Software Group/Chess++.conf" it should work fine again.

Q: What do the different symbols (king, rotated king, knight) in the tree mean?
A: A knight indicates a normal game state or draw if there is a yellow square. A king tells you that the party to move is kept in check whereas a rotated king denotes mate.
The colour(s) of the icons show which parties in the games are taken.

Q: What do the coloured squares in the tree mean?
A: Squares are displayed if you take part in the game, only.
Red: It's your turn.
Green: You wait for your opponent's move.
Yellow: Game is over. Draw.
Blue: The user currently is online.

Q: So how do i get it running?
A: the simplest way to build chess++ yet is probably:

get Qt and Subversion.
(When using Windows you also need gcc which comes with mingw. Daredevils can try cygwin+gcc or even some MS-VC) Version? try the newest, or try the one you already have. Currently we use Qt 4.3.3 and i can confirm that gcc 3.4.2 (mingw) does work.

checkout svn://

copy the chessppcheckout shellscript or the chessppcheckout.bat (depending on whether you use some Unix or Windows) to some other directory and forget the working copy you just checked out

run chessppcheckout(.bat), which will do a checkout of the development trunk of all components

allow chessppcheckout do run configure and make for all components (probably you will not do this, but switch the gui and the server to the desired tag or branch before calling configure and make manually (forget about his if you are new to subversion (but be aware that you may get an unstable chess++, then)))

if nothing went wrong you will find two executeables gui/chesspp(.exe) and server/cheppd(.exe) (paths relative to where chessppcheckout is).

The next step, mainly concerning the server, will be configuration - but thats beyond the scope of this answer.

Q: How do I solve the "no rule to make target 'translations/qt_de.qm'" error?
A: Copy the file qt_de.qm to gui/translations directory of your copy of chess++. (Ubuntu for example places Qt's qt_xx.qm files in /usr/share/qt4/translations.)
If there is no such file on your machine you can create an empty file with that name in gui/translations to get chess++ compiling (Qt's dialogs then won't be translated).

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